How to influence people to succeed in your professional and private life? How not to be manipulated by others?

”The mechanics of social impact on the micro scale”

It's simple!

“The mechanics of social impact on the micro scale” will teach you how to: notice when you are dealing with a manipulator; reinforce your assertiveness and not be taken advantage of; and finally, what techniques to implement to increase the effectiveness of your actions in all spheres of life.

This online course is designed for people who:

  • are tired of the pressure exerted by their families, their peers, professional requirements or tradition,
  • are unable to make things go their own way, they are excessively susceptible to opinions, suggestions or stereotypes,
  • want to live in harmony with their body instead of passing trends,
  • want to have control over their life and know how to influence others,
  • want to minimise the risk of developing dangerous diseases – also when it comes to members of their families,
  • want to be successful and a role model for those who know them.


Human psyche is imperfect, and our lack of knowledge in this regards may lead to countless problems.

Humans have the natural tendency to accept the opinions of others. People find it easy to recognize someone's statements as true without checking them first. Sometimes, this results in too much credulity and susceptibility to suggestions. Research has shown that most of us find it very easy to consider strangers to be an authority on a specific issue.

Contrary to common opinion, we are being manipulated not only by the media and politicians. Every day we are subjected to pressure and influence from our colleagues, family, accidental acquaintances and even close friends.

If we don’t take the necessary actions, this may lead to:

  • complete loss of identity,
  • instinctively following the orders of people abusing their position,
  • being unaware of changes in ones behaviour, reactions or emotions,
  • limiting the influence exerted on those around you,
  • being burdened with negative consequences for decisions you did not want to make,
  • the loss of trust by your family and friends.

Do you feel that you do not have full control over your own life? This is your final call – start acting today to avoid having to experience unpleasant consequences tomorrow!


Manipulation through words, body language or image. Conformism, self-fulfilling prophecies, reactance and obedience, that is 2 hours 45 minutes of information which is difficult to obtain and extremely effective advice on the complexities of the human psyche in the webinar entitled “The mechanics of social impact on the micro scale”.

During the webinar, a professional advisor will reveal and describe step by step all the secrets of defence against manipulation, tell you in which situations you should be particularly vigilant and how to recognize if and what kind of manipulation you are dealing with, so that:

  • You will discover how you can persuade others to change their decisions or their behaviour and you will even be able to persuade them to believe that they themselves wanted these changes.
  • You will learn simple tricks which will improve your ability to recognize any manipulation techniques applied towards you. You will learn to react to them correctly so that you do not remain indifferent to such situations.
  • You will feel that you can influence the events happening around you, and that you are in control of the world around you.

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