How do I log in?

Click the link provided in the email (sent with the confirmation of the voucher purchase and receiving a free gift), the home page will then display the login field – enter the email address specified when making the order and press the button – gain access. A password will be sent to that email address.

How to obtain the password?

Enter your email address as the login and press the button – gain access. The password will be sent to the email address provided.

How can I check the balance on my account?

Log into the platform, and the balance on your account will be displayed in the top right corner in orange.

Why is the Discount Club in Euro?

The Discount Club is a worldwide enterprise. The purchase of a voucher is converted into euros to make the exchange of vouchers for services a more consistent process.

Account balance – how many times can a voucher be used?

Each voucher purchased is added to the individual customer account at online-vouchers.com. You can check the balance on your account by logging into the platform. The vouchers collected can be used to obtain a service available from online-vouchers.com. Each voucher can be used only once. If the value of the service is lower than the value of collected vouchers on the account, the oldest vouchers on the account will be used for the settlement. The remaining value will still be available on the client's account.

What is the validity of a voucher?

A voucher is valid for one year from its activation. It expires one year after its activation and it is impossible to exchange it for a service.

How to swap vouchers for services?

Choose a service at online-vouchers.com and press the “Buy now” button. The settlement will consider the vouchers available on the account. If the balance on the account is larger, the remaining value will be kept in the account.

How to use the service?

After purchasing a service, clients are sent an email informing them about the date and time of the webinar and a link with a password to log into the website.

Can I leave the Discount Club?

Of course, but remember that this decision will result in the loss of the ability to use the services and products provided by the Discount Club. There is no need to worry, as the Discount Club only obliges you to participate in pleasant experiences, such as gifts and other attractions.

Is membership in the Discount Club associated with the obligation to pay a subscription fee?

Discount Club participation does not require the payment of any subscription fees, nor does it oblige to make specific purchases.