”Only those who define their goals clearly and have an insatiable desire to meet them encounter success.”

- Napoleon Hill

”Only those who define their goals clearly and have an insatiable desire to meet them encounter success.”

- Napoleon Hill

”Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pocket.”

- Philip Wylie

”Who does not have the courage to dream, will not have the strength to fight.”

- Paul Michael Zulehner



We are extremely pleased that you have joined our community. We will help you discover how to overcome challenges and fulfil your dreams quicker and easier. Here you will find interesting offers which have been prepared specially for you. We believe that being a part of the Discount Club will bring you a lot of joy and help you change your life for the better. We hope you will enjoy being a member of the Discount Club!

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Say goodbye to your wrinkles

price 999.00 EUR

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The role of blood group antigens in disease and stress prevention

price 999.00 EUR

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Rejuvenate Your Joints

price 120.00 EUR

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Services available in the past

By changing our habits and our manner of driving, we can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 5% or even 25%. We have already put this system to the test and it works – sign up to the webinar and find out how you can save money while driving every single day!

Ecodriving – a quick course

November 2016

Spring is an ideal time to organise your home and to get your body in shape. During the spring months, it is worthwhile to lose a few excess kilograms and cleanse your body from harmful toxins – what are the best methods?

A post-winter detox – how to get ready for the spring?

February 2017

Do your weight loss attempts always result in the yo-yo effect? Are you tired of night-time hunger pangs? Do you want to lose weight but not sure where to start? Join this webinar and discover how to lose weight effectively, without effort and the yo-yo effect.

Lose weight without effort
once and for all

February 2018

Do not put your dreams on the back burner. Now is the perfect time to make them come true.


What do our clients think of us?

What a change!

I used many diets and treatments, but they only deprived me of energy and money... What`s even worse, after going through these starvation diets I put on weight! The webinar “Lose weight effortlessly once and for all” completely changed my approach to weight loss. I got rid of the hideous fat – without fasting or effort. And I lowered my cholesterol and sugar levels! Today I am a healthy and attractive woman. I`m looking forward to the next webinar and another portion of effective ways to live a healthy lifestyle and have a slim silhouette!

– mariab, mbarcelona

The results are exceptional!

I’ve been driving for more than 30 years and I thought that nothing can surprise me when it comes to cars. I joined the webinar on ecological driving out of pure curiosity. It appeared that only a few simple “tricks” are what it takes to save as much as 1.5 litres of fuel per every 100 km. I am grateful to the person conducting the training for this knowledge and the money which I have saved – I used this cash to make my wife’s dream come true by taking her to Rome for a holiday!

- karolc, kcracow

Wonderful results!

I was always sceptical when it came to online courses, but I decided to give it a go and signed up to a webinar on wrinkles and home remedies. I was amazed to see that the methods outlined in the webinar were effective! Only a few days later I noticed that my complexion looks much better and one month later the wrinkles were less visible. I never thought that this would be possible without surgery and expensive creams. I recommend this webinar to everyone, as my newly-found confidence has helped me to find the love of my life :)

– blancab, bbudapest

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We are an innovative platform which allows you to obtain exceptional products and services adapted to the individual needs of the Discount Club members. Every day, we support our clients in overcoming challenges, fulfilling their dreams and meeting their goals.

Thanks to our products and services, many individuals have changed their life: some decided to start looking after their health and appearance, some have discovered how to make savings and some have overcome their fears and limitations.

What is important to us is that every Discount Club member finds something ideally suited to his or her needs. In order to achieve this, we are expanding our collaboration to include more partner stores both in the country and abroad.

We are also working tirelessly to improve the quality of the services we provide. We look for new solutions every single day. We test, verify and examine. Our efforts are rewarded with your smile and satisfaction.